Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happenings in the House Tuesday

Well, I have been working on the mural in the entryway, but it is not ready for viewing yet. I did decide on the grey to paint the wainscoting. Maybe it will be ready next week.

So I thought I would show you a part of my studio or work room. When you live in a barn, it can be daunting or a great adventure to turn an area that was once used for milking into a family friendly home. It also helps when your sons are talented and can do the things you ask them to do even if they groan while doing it.

The lower level of our barn was total open space which is great for seeing everything going on in the family but not so good when desiring some peace or privacy. So after showing the guys the "brilliance" of my idea, they built a wall of closets at the back third of the barn. It allows me to attempt to hide my fabric and other items I am working on. They still spill over onto the dining room table and more. But they are great to do this and it does make life a little more livable in our fun home.

There are three boys and one girl in the family and they will soon be home for the summer. The list for this summer includes more closets, new bathroom ceiling and other indoor projects as well as the never ending fencing in and around the pastures. I hope they will be happy to be home.

Hugs, Barb


Alice said...

Okay, I am defnitely envious of that wonderful fabric cupboard!!!
And it looks soooo neat.

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Wow, great closet space Barb! I am in awe over all your fabric :0)Thought I was stepping in to JoAnns :0) Sounds like you have some great projects for the summer and I can't wait to see them!

Debra said...

Your blog and home are both beautiful. I love your art work too!
Can't wait to see updates on your place. I have a good friend who lives in a barn. I know I would love it!

PriviesAndPrims said...

Love the cabinets, love the color, and I want some too! And, I want them full like yours!