Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Great New Giveaway at Barb's Heartstrokes

Bar over at Barb's Heartstrokes is having a great giveaway for a set of four little Prim Tom Turkey Magnets. Check out the details at:

So get on over there and join in the competition----I did!!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The entryway continued....

The mural is finished until I think of something else to add to it. I wanted to keep it somewhat true to the farm that existed on this property at the turn of the century. The barn that sits at the right hand side is now our home, as the farmhouse was destroyed in a tornado in the 1940's or 1950's ( according to a neighbor).

The carriage house that sits lower on the mural was destroyed years ago when a fire enveloped that building and almost destroyed the barn. The carriage house was so old and such a loss. It had the square nails in it and also some wooden pegs. I thought it was a treasure waiting to be restored. I think I was just one of a very few. The modern garage is nice but the charm just isn't there. But that's me. I love old pieces of history and workmanship.

The top picture is a gathering of items I sometime put together in the entryway, just because I like them. Things move around the house, as I just sometimes want a change.

The doors still need to have the knobs put on--but this is an idea of the mood that the rest of the house will have continued--I hope. The blue wainscoting was aged by applying a glaze of cinnamon on top and ragging it off.

You can see the old stall door at the left hand side of the picture. I just love them- kinda different.

So many things to do-----better get to work and have a nice week.


Monday, November 1, 2010

It's another Great Monday Marketplace with the Olde Farmhouse Gathering!

This weekend was a wonderful treat after the wild weather of the previous week. It was good to spend time with my horses and check my sheep and goats without being blown into the next field.

This Market place Monday is dedicated to the farm animals I raise and those around the area. Check my other blogs for great Etsy stores that have merchandise that celebrates the wonderufl animals that are a part of our lives.

Here I am featuring Mulberry Lane Folk Art. She moves wonderufl signs and there is one right for every home or office--great gifts!!!!

Everyone has to have a lucky horseshoe--even the birds in your yard.
I would love to put the fresh eggs sign outsife my chicksen hut! But it would also be great for the kitchen. sun room, porch and even the living room. Great sign!

And since one of my children always bet the sun up the "Early Bird bird house has a plave in my heart. He is still an early riser and gets so much done in his day.

Please visit and enjoy some wonderful time spent with a great craftswoman.