Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful Wall or door hanger

Saw this on Etsy and had to share it with you!
Enjoy your cup of tea this morning and take a look at this and more:

The fabric Wall Pocket is sewn from layers of dark tea-dyed muslin, cotton batting and topped with dark tea-dyed cotton Eyelet. The back of the pocket is flat against the wall and the front is channeled and fluted into the shape of a wall sconce. A heavy twisted rusty wire forms the hanger and the red roses rest inside nestled with Spanish Moss and Green Floral Moss.

This items is presented by VintageKeepsakeTrunk.

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!



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Debra said...

Barb, Why don't you try being a seller at Lemon Poppy Seeds? I love it there-your stuff would be fantastic...
You are a real supporter of other people's art-that's wonderful, and just plain nice, too.