Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prim Decorating my Barn!

I am fortunate to live in a wonderful old - nearly 100 year old dairy barn. The construction is incredible. Now it just needs to feel like home.

It apparently was the site of many an old barn dance, as people have driven up the driveway and told me of the fun times they had here. It is good to know that it has been the site of good things.

This barn is a work in progress and I will try to share some of it here. It has not always been easy but it is worth the trouble.

The entry is nearing completion.

Here I took a new table, painted it black, distressed it and put it into action. One thing this old barn does not have is storage. I added baskets on the bottom shelf for storage of hats, mittens and work gloves, and scarves.

Each of the drawers has been assigned a purpose. One has emergency candles and matches (for the those power outages which occur often in the winter), one with electric fence testing equipment for those time when you want to make sure the fence is at full strength or to ease your mind after a storm, and the thrid hold flashlights- both hand held and head mounted ( for when you need those hands free- as for working on the fence). My grown kids like the head mounted - especially Ted---an electrical engineering major. He grew to have an understanding of electrical things as he was the go to guy here on the farm for everything electrical. lol!!!!!

p.s. The lamp on top of the table is a functioning gas lamp---always thinking of those power outages they we seem to have too many of here in the winter.

Here we attempt to combine looks and function--everything has a job!!!!!


Brenda said...

Lucky you! It's looking awesome!!


Maria said...

Oh my gosh. I love how you re-did that table. It looks so much better. Gorgeous!