Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The entryway continues!!!!

This has been a work in progress for a while. Here is where we are so far.....

When you step into my home I would like you to feel welcomed and hugged in the warmth of memories that days gone by can give.

The plastered top of the entryway was painted a wheat color---appropriate for a farm. The wainscoting was painted a traditional blue/gray and then a glaze of cinnamon brown was added to give it that old, weather look. The doors that are hard to see, but roll on the black tracks you see near the top of the wall are actually the stall doors to the barn in the days it was a barn. Super idea for the bathroom!!! lol (a real stall door for the bathroom!)

THe goose makedo as well as the veggie patterns are available at PrimPatternEmporium: http://primitivepatternemporium.com/shop

The Faith Hope and Love sign as well as the candlesticks are available at: http://prairieharvestarts.com/shop

Next week- the other end of the entryway---the mural is finished!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!--Now onto anther home project! What will it be?



Brenda said...

Beautiful area Barb!


byyourhands said...

Wow, Barb, it looks great! I love seeing the progress you are making.
You need to take a picture of the whole outside of the barn sometime.
I would love to see what the outside looks like from a distance.

basketsbyrose said...

WOW! You have done a great job, and looking forward to the other end all finished up!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Everything looks great Barb! I love your color choices. I saw those white doors and got nervous, I thought you painted over your mural.

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Wow Barb, I love it! You are doing a wonderful job. Beautiful beautiful entry way.

Barb said...

Just beautiful...could you come to my house and help me? I am not much of a decorator. I have no vision!

Alice said...

OMG, it's beautiful. I'd have coffee there, with cinnamon rolls, the heck with sitting in the kitchen.