Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Prim Decor Tuesday

One more try. This part of my blog is dedicated to my prim decorating journey through my home. The kids are grown and nearly gone. This is not necessarily good. I miss them, but it gives me the opportunity to finally put some time in on my home. The home is a 100 year old barn that has withstood a tornado ( which I was told destroyed the house on the proporty).

The lower level of the barn had few walls when we moved in-one long, large cavern, which was great for 4H meetings. But we decided to put a wall and double doors in the front to create a more definite entry way. This is the start. You can see the doors. The baskets are meant to store, hats, mittens and gloves and scarves. There is never enough storage.

This old barn has a nice history. Though most of the critters here are horses, I do have some sheep, which seems appropriate since in the early 1900's this farm was home to a sheep farm.

Hopefully, I will share the progress through the house from room to room. The entry was started earlier, but got side tracked. That is easy to do here-which kids, horses, sheep, a couple of goats, a garden and so much more. Life is never dull and I like it that way.

So we will continue to share the progress though the entry way and then on to who knows what.... Hopefully we will all see a great deal of progress.


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Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

I am excited, I can't wait to see more after your little teaser. I would love to live in a converted barn!