Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April was a busy Month!!!!!!!!!!!

April saw a huge change in our family. Most of the month was spent getting one of my sons ready and packed to my his journey to Korea where he started to work on April 1. The mountain of paperwork was just that--a mountain of paper work. He had been working on it for a while. So at the end of the month, son #2 left to start the next the next phase of his life. He is a great person and we will miss him a lot. Here are a few pictures of his last day in the U.S. until his vacation and hopefully he will find time to come home to see the folks here. (Are you reading this Dave? hint--hint)


basketsbyrose said...

A proud moment, a sad moment, he is doing great things. You have given him great wings and he is on his way.

Barb King of Prairie Harvest Arts said...

thank you Rose,

Carol said...

He sure is a handsome fellow Barb. Sounds like he's in for an exciting adventure. You did well with him mom:) So glad he found some school pals. Hugs~Carol