Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our friend returns to China today

The last couple of weeks have been very full. Dave graduated and then invited one of his friends from China came to spend some time with us. It was a wonderful time. Our guest was so sweet and we will miss her a great deal. We wish her all the best on her return to her home and want her to know that she will always have a another home here when she returns to the U.S. She is on the plane now and on her way.

Now that things are maybe retuning to a dull roar, I am looking forward to getting back to swing of sewing and painting. Today I will clean my studio as therapy and prepare to get back to work.

Life is an adventure and I love it!
But I could use a little more energy right now!!!!!!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

was she an exchange student? How fun!!! But rest up!! your body is telling you too ...

kittylover60 said...

Good luck to you Barb. We'll be pullin' for ya. Carol