Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Primitive Decor

Decorating in the Primitive, country or colonial styles allows so much for for individual personality. Maybe that is one reason I enjoy it so. Maybe that is a reason I was so attracted to making a 100 year old barn a home for my family. The barn has presented us with challenges --- and I keep telling myself that is what makes us strong. That may be true.

This is a photo of how I use antiques, my ornies and hand painted items to decorate my home. I enjoy the symbolism of the bountifulness of the farm we live on and that is shown in the apples and beans. The mortar and pestle are antiques pasted down through the generations. The pestle bowl is an item I painted and the horse (love my horses) photo was something I was able to pick up at a local farm auction.

When decorating your own home, surround yourself and your family with things you love and make you feel content, safe, warm and proud in those who came before you. That is part of prim decorating - making yourself comfortable and your home inviting to those you love and those you have yet to meet. Life is good!


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