Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prairie Harvest Folk Art and Primitives

This is the new blog for Prairie Harvest Folk Art and Primitives. Here at the farm we use the simple hills and pastures for the inspiration to create folk art and primitives. We strive to live the simple life here. It's not hard to do.

When not working the farm, I enjoy creating hand painted folk art that reflects the simple life from years ago and from here today. I enjoy making dolls, make-dos bowl fillers and anything that enhances a primitive style, country style home. I think that it adds to the stability of a home. It makes it seem, though from the past, still timeless.

Check back with us often to see what is new.

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Anonymous said...

I like the life in the villages, very peaceful and simple. As the people living in the rural areas don't have the modern entertainment devices they have plenty of time for creating art works. I like Folk Art as it tells the life of the people in the olden days.